What and How Your Puppy Will Learn

Deb's Doodles Training Camp for Puppies

The Deb's Camp Doodle curriculum is a hybrid of Puppy Culture (TM) protocol, elements of Avidog (TM) puppy, and our own methods based on experience. All training is truly positive reinforcement, no-force. Your puppy will never be scared or made uncomfrotable in the name of training. It is gentle, kind, effective and sensitive to the fact that puppies are babies. To remain engaged, learning sessions are short and spaced over the course of the day.

Basic Manners and Introduction to Behaviors:


When a dog or puppy is allowed to progress at his/her own pace, they can gain confidence by exploring new sights, sounds and textures.

Exploration/enrichment opportunities include:

Every day life:

Rest assured, no choke chains, prong/pinch collars or remote shock collar (also called E(ducation) collars) will ever be used on your puppy or any other dog in our care. Bullying, fear or discomfort are never a part of Deb's Camp Doodle training program.